Thursday, August 20, 2009

you've come back to me!

mary kate in the originals and miss fashion toast in the sam edelmans.

i found these balenciaga knock off boots almost 2 years ago on the victoria's secret website for around $120. hummed and hawed over them for a month or so before they sold out. i have never been so mad at myself! these sam edelman's were selling on ebay for like $600 and if it wasn't for my near miss at $120 i may have given in!
so here they are again. re-released. what should a girl do?

ps i just bought these amazing vintage navy pumps from badlands and my physiotherapist would absolutely KILL me if he saw me in these bad boys let alone those pumps. maybe i need a big strong daniel to carry me around. :)


  1. They are insanely gorgeous!! You have great taste! :)

  2. why. psychoterapist not enjoying your sexual empowermend and sense of humour?

  3. spell;;;;;;;;;llllllllling problems

  4. thanks lily!
    so you think i should splurge?

    physiotherapist, AM. physio. lol
    my psychotherapist would approve absolutely.

    i will vow not to walk in them. be carried or lay down only. ;)



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