Sunday, August 16, 2009

i'm turning myself into a demon.

i know this is a little bit old now but daniel introduced this to me last week and i can't stop listening. (special thanks to joseph lane)
they are first aid kit and they are one of sooooo many amazing artists to come out of sweeden. man do those swedes make beautiful music.


  1. Please don't think I'm nuts but is that Alexandra Draghici in the top photo?

  2. Love Fleet Foxes. These girls are amazing.

  3. not sure, Glowing Doll. i found this on and it caught my eye.
    and why would i think you are nuts?
    not sure who alexandra draghici is though. should i?

  4. I randomly came across your blog and when I saw the pic it looked EXACTLY like an estranged long-long school friend of mine so I figured I had to ask.

    You wouldn't know her unless you were big into the independent theater scene in Montreal (if she's still doing that).

    I just didn't want you to think I was some weird Google stalker.

  5. yes. this girls are so good.

    + kate above is so much more endearing in her wooden stripper dance, even sexier than if she had in fact been a good dancer.. ohhhh sweet kate. must have been a nice dream, that.

  6. fleet foxes cover video... We likey



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