Monday, July 6, 2009

yummy yummy in my tummy

Kato, Debbie, Miss Kitty and I headed over to the Sorauren Organic Market today to pick up some amazing greek olives, olive oil (oh so yummers) and wheat free treats. Balluckon had to die for flourless brownies and the fish shack's roti's are always a crowd pleaser. unfortunately we stuffed our faces at the Drake right before we went.....silly, I know. But have you ever had the Drake's Cobb salad? it is fucking fantastic! i am on a cobb salad kick. sans swine of course.

I also picked up a apple empanada (and a brownie) for Dear Daniel. he had a li'l accident on the 401 friday. he needed a treat. 

don't worry kids. he's fine. just a little beat up and sad about losing his "baby".

ps. wish i got a pic of the cute new dress i wore. so cute a stranger asked me out for coffee! Daniels cuter so I said no thanks.

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