Wednesday, July 8, 2009

BACK OFF......

....this is my turf!

we had a lovely dinner at Turf lounge on bay street this evening for daniel's dads birthday celebration. i had never been there before and the place is beautiful! just inside the door there is the original facade of the building and HUGE chandeliers which they had to take down part of the entrance way to bring in.

Turf Lounge is part of the Woodbine group which is one of Dan and Joe's clients at Lane Contracting. you can eat a fantastic meal and bet on horses in a beautiful atmosphere. Good work guys!

so...i took a photo of a few of our apps. i had grilled calamari which i was VERY hesitant to share. Daniel had a Caesar salad and bruscetta (AND Gnocchi!! all of which were small portions. just his luck. the one with the hollow leg)

I had a yellow fin nicoise and then chocolate pate. both of which i was too excited about to remember to photograph.

everyone enjoyed their meals and a complimentary bet (i did not win.) and now daniel and i are going to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. for fashion tips of course. ;)

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