Saturday, March 27, 2010

cult de laissez faire

i checked out the fashion/ film installation for Cult de Laissez Faire tonight. It is the new menswear line by the wild man DANgerous from Carte Blanche  and graphic designer Corey Gibbs. Kudos for an original showcase: video installation. As L.R. first recognized a bit of a Nick Knight pull but original for Toronto and LGFW none the less.

the opening smoking/meat fetish film was quite sexy indeed.

see the original in it's glory here.

amazing hair. regrettably i forget their names. he looks a bit like an ex of mine. minus the eyeball scar.
just 2 out of a sea of beautiful people. until i invest in a new camera this is how it will go.
check Acid Bleach Chic for more to come.

also check out Carte Blanche's private label Pink Cobra's new website here.

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