Thursday, June 25, 2009


i'm not sure that you know this about me but i have a had a long running obsession with low brow art. it began around 1992 when a friend of mine brought me a copy of juxtapoz magazine for me as a souvenier from NYC. i had been smitten with tank girl already for some time but this magazine expanded my paramiters to a new level.

now i collect books, prints, toys, images and tattoos. my most famous being the Mark Ryden tattoo across my back. i will share this with you one day. ;)

my collecting hobby ebs and flows but i love coming across a new artist that peaks my interest and brings out the artist in me. surfing around a clients facebook page this morning i came across Chiara "milk" Bautista. she's somewhere between manga, Mike Giant and Sam flores with a touch of Tara McPherson and i think she is fantastic.
check out her stuff here..... <3

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